About Us

We of Golden Scholarship are very much interested in enhancing the educational opportunities of students in Africa. We do this by providing free information on our website about scholarships that are available to young men and women around the world and also information about internships and conferences. We expect African students and graduates to explore this golden opportunity to further their education and enlightenment.

We are very keen in breaking the cycle of redundancy in Africa especially among high school-leavers and graduates by helping to meet the educational needs of our ingenious young men and women who might become jobless not only after their high school but even first degrees, due to lack of job opportunities. Some of these creative and hardworking youth end up in the realm of  the ‘Unemployment Associations’ in their various countries of origin.Navigate through our site therefore and fund your education and also get sponsorship through numerous study abroad scholarships, internships and conferences that are listed here.

We entreat you to search patiently and you will definitely meet your match.