Berggruen Fellowship in USA 2020


Berggruen Fellowship:The USC Dornsife Center on Science, Technology and Public Life (CSTPL) and the Berggruen Institute (BI) offers fellowships at the University of Southern California for the academic year 2020-21.

Worth of Award

  • The term of the fellowship is flexible, from three months to up to two years.
  • A stipend is commensurate with qualifications.
  • For a full-year fellowship, Fellows with academic appointments will receive a stipend based on half of their annual academic year salary, up to $75,000 with the expectation that their home institution will make up the remainder.

Eligibility of the Berggruen Fellowship

    • USC Berggruen Fellows can be either academics or unattached intellectuals (for whom the Berggruen Fellowship may serve as a retreat from work in industry, government, or the arts) but above all must be committed to intellectual work of the highest quality.
    • Applicants should have a terminal degree or commensurate research expertise in the appropriate field of study.
    • In addition to well-qualified individuals with independent projects, they also seek teams of scholars eager to come to the Berggruen Institute to work together on a shared project or theme.
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  • How to Apply 

    Please upload the following materials:

    I. Full curriculum vitae

    II. Project Statement

    Your project statement, up to 750 words, should answer two questions:

    Question #1:  How do you propose to contribute to one of the Projects listed above?

    Concisely describe the work you plan to do during your fellowship years:

    • Explain the intellectual agenda of your proposal and the ways it can contribute to the Project of your choice?
    • Address the public dimensions: How will your contribution “make a difference”? How would you propose to raise public awareness of the Project?

    Question #2:  What is your most important work to date?

    Identify your most important book, book chapter, or article and explain why it was important—how it corrected a misconception in the literature, how it advanced thinking in some important way, and/or how it filled in an important gap in knowledge.

    III. Two reference letters

    At least one letter should be from an expert in your area of interest.

    IV. Writing sample

    Please provide the link to one short writing sample, such as an article, essay, or book chapter.

    Deadline: January 6, 2020

    Click here for more details and to apply