Applications are currently being invited for the CSA Group Graduate Research Scholarship in Standards Development in Canada for the 2021/2022 academic year.

Extensive research helps CSA Group better understand our changing world so it can
continue to adapt and thrive. It, therefore, supports and conducts research in new and
emerging areas that have the potential to impact the world around us.

Unmistakably, the findings and recommendations from its research translate into three things:

  • It informs the development of future standards solutions,
  • Provides interim guidance to industries on the development and adoption of new technologies, and
  • Helps to demonstrate its on-going commitment to building a better, safer, more sustainable world.

In light of this, the purpose of the CSA Group Graduate Research Scholarship is to support graduate students in the pursuit of research related to standards. For a fact, graduate students studying at the Masters level in a publicly funded, accredited Canadian university are eligible to hold the award. But that’s not all, the research can be conducted in any field (e.g. engineering, social sciences, health sciences) and must include standards as a component of the research.

However, at this point, it is important to note that the topic does not need to be related to an area where CSA Group already has standards. The research may investigate aspects of an existing standard or may explore an area for future standards development.

Worth of Award

It would interest you to know that the CSA Group Graduate Research scholarship is worth

  • $10,000 per year and the duration of the award is a maximum of two years.


So, in order to be eligible for this scholarship,

Students must be accepted to

  • a graduate program for full-time studies at the Masters level, or must be currently enrolled in a Masters program at a publicly-funded, accredited Canadian university;
  • or enrolled in a Masters program to hold the award.

Note that eligibility is limited to enrollment at publicly-funded, accredited Canadian universities.

Very Important

Applications for the CSA Group Graduate Research scholarship will be reviewed by a panel of about five to six CSA Group staff members. They will be evaluated based on three selection criteria:

Academic Excellence (40%)

Indicators of academic excellence are based on the applicant’s current level of study and include:
• Academic record
• Scholarships and awards
• Publication record
• Past research experience
• Duration of past studies
• Type of program and courses pursued
• Consideration of breaks in the study (e.g. maternity leave, illness, etc.)

Quality of the Research Proposal (50%)

Expectedly, this is determined based on the clarity, potential impact and scientific relevance of the proposed research question and methodology. The quality indicators include:
• Significance and feasibility of proposed research
• Potential impact of research on standards
• Quality of the written proposal

Applicant Characteristics and Related Experience (10%)

In a similar vein, related experience is determined based on the level and quality of involvement in work, academic and extracurricular activities.
• It also includes involvement in activities that demonstrate leadership and contribution to one’s community.
• Yet again, demonstration of volunteerism/community outreach and involvement in academic life is important.
• As well as a demonstration of project management and organizational skills.

How to Apply

In view of this application, students must submit the following to [email protected] by the deadline:

  • Application Form
  • Letter of support from a supervisor
  • Transcripts
  • Referee Forms from two referees, sent directly by the referees to [email protected] by the required deadline.

Deadline: Applications are due March 31.

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